Colleton Red Ruby Steak and Chips


  • Colleton Red Ruby rump or sirloin steaks
  • A little lard, butter or beef dripping
  • Salt and freshly ground pepper

To accompany:

  • Chips
  • English or Dijon mustard or Bearnaise sauce

Take the steaks out of their packets, drain and leave to reach room temperature.  Pick a medium sized heavy-based griddle pan or frying pan that isn’t going to stick, and don’t try and cook more than 2 steaks at a time.  Heat the pan, adding a small amount of fat or butter to grease the surface.  The pan needs to be hot but not absolutely smoking; the meat should sizzle when placed on the pan and brown after approx. 30 seconds.

Lay the steaks in the pan and leave them for 30 seconds, after a minute turn the steaks, regardless of how long you intend on cooking them.  Season the cooked side with salt and pepper.  After this has been done it is left to individual preference for how long the steak is left to cook.  These are approximate cooking times, the steaks should be flipped every minute regardless of cooking time:

To serve your Colleton Red Ruby steak transfer to a warmed plate and leave for 3 minutes before serving.  Then add chips and mustard or sauce.  The pan can be deglazed with a splash of wine after cooking, this then can be drizzled over the meat, chips or perhaps even a salad!

Rare: 1-2 minutes

Medium-rare: 2-3 minutes

Medium: 3-4 minutes

Well done: 5-6 minutes