Sublime Roast Beef (based on a Colleton Red Ruby 2kg joint)

Before you begin, pre heat the oven to 220-230°C/ Gas Mark 7-8, then proceed to phase 1.

Phase 1: The half hour sizzle

Lightly salt a joint of Colleton Red Ruby beef and place it in the oven at a very high temperature of 220-230°C/ Gas mark 7-8.  This will allow the meat to develop a beautiful tasting crust within 20-30 minutes.  Any longer and the juices will begin to evaporate making the joint dry and flavourless.

Phase 2: The cooking

Turn the oven down to 180°C/ Gas Mark 4 and cook for a further 60 minutes.  This will give you a medium cooked joint which is just pink in the middle; cooking time can be shortened or extended depending on individual taste.

Phase 3: The Rest

Resting your Colleton Red Ruby joint will allow the moisture to settle back into the meat, as the temperature evens out through the joint.  For this to occur, the joint should be rested at just above room temperature.  This can be done by opening the oven door and turning the oven off, only if your oven cools quickly.

Serve and enjoy with vegetables of your choice.