How Will My Box Be Delivered?

All Colleton Beef Experience Boxes are delivered by courier. Please ensure that someone is home to accept the delivery or provide leave safe instructions when you place the order. If you'd like to order a full size box, please contact us to order it; we will either deliver it ourselves or use a courier depending on where you live - we will discuss these details with you on the phone when you place your order.

What should I do with the beef when it arrives?

Your beef will be frozen and stored here on the farm, so we will dispatch it fully frozen, surrounded with ice packs to keep it that way. It should remain happily frozen for 24-48 hours, but please do pop it back into your own freezer as soon as you can :)

How should I cook my beef?

I prefer to cook my steaks rare or medium rare, because I think it tastes best that way! However, everyone has different tastes, so please cook your Colleton Beef just as you would any normal beef. If you usually use lots of seasoning (salt, pepper, steak rub...etc), try using a bit less than usual, and you might be pleasantly surprised by the richness of flavour which the beef provides. If you want any recipe inspiration, please check out our recipes page :)

How Long Does the beef last?

All of your beef has been vacuum-packed, labelled and deep frozen within 24 hours of the cuts being prepared. It will taste just as good once you've defrosted it as it did on the day it was prepared, it might taste even better as the flavours tend to mature a little in the freezer. Frozen beef lasts for at least one year (usually significantly longer) without losing any of it's taste or quality. Once de-frosted, we recommend eating within 2 weeks. Please consume within 24 hrs after opening the vacuum pack.

I would prefer my beef to be delivered fresh, not frozen

This is no problem. We can deliver your beef fresh at no extra charge, however it can only be delivered on specific dates determined by our butcher. The next available date for a fresh delivery is Friday 8th July

"Your Beef tastes so amazing, I'm worried I'll never enjoy a normal steak again!"

Yes - this is a problem. We're sorry about this! We have the same issue - we very rarely eat any beef other than our own, because we are invariably disappointed by the flavour and quality :)