Meet the Herd

Red Ruby Devon cattle are a native British beef breed.  Distinguished by their gorgeous red colour, grazing herds are a wonderful and integral part of the Devon landscape. 

Cattle have been born and raised on our farm since 1994. 

Red Ruby Devon Beef is arguably the best beef you can buy and is unmatched in flavour, texture and tenderness.  The ratio of fat to meat is a key component in the flavour of beef.  Unlike some breeds, the Red Ruby Devon naturally lays down intra-muscular fat in the meat which produces its trademark marbling and finer texture.  Our cattle are grass fed ensuring the highest quality and taste is achieved.

We take great pride in our husbandry skills and provide the very best conditions in which our animals may mature. Customers are welcome to visit our farm and see our happy cattle for themselves.

Our cattle live stress-free lives and are then dealt with professionally and humanely at a local abattoir, minimising anxiety and excessive animal transportation.

We always have Pedigree livestock for sale, and visitors to our farm are always welcome :)