Our cattle are reared naturally on Devon grass, producing meat that is high in Omega 3 fatty acids, essential acids which are great for the brain.  Our meat is hung for at least three weeks before distribution to customers, this reduces water content, gives the meat it’s darker colour and means the beef is extremely tender and flavoursome.  We take great care of our animals and they are only sent to the abattoir when they are in peak condition.  Our animals live a stress-free, relaxed, happy life, which is reflected in the superb flavour of the meat.  Our beef is of the highest quality; well marbled, fine grained and packed full of flavour.

Beef Awards

How to Buy Our Beef

We don't sell our beef to supermarkets or butchers, preferring to sell it directly to our customers around the country. We also sell to a few local pubs and restaurants in the North Devon area.

Most of our regular customers buy a standard box or a BBQ box from us whenever they are running low on beef. We have done our research, and we can assure you that buying a box of beef from us is significantly cheaper than buying the same volume of meat from the supermarket, or from your local butcher. The quality of meat that we provide is much higher than what you can find in the supermarkets, and this quality is reflected in beef which tastes delicious and is packed with goodness.

If you're curious about our beef, but would like to try it out before committing to a standard box or BBQ box, then we invite you to try our Colleton Beef Experience Box. This is fantastic value, priced at only £80 for 6kg of meat, including delivery to your home. You can buy it online, directly through our website, and it will be delivered via courier within a few days. Please feel free to call us with an questions you may have. Please see the FAQs page and the Contact page for more information.

If you're a committed beef lover and would like to jump straight in with a standard box or BBQ box (over 20kg of yumtastic beef), then please give us a call and we will arrange to add you to our next delivery. More information on the FAQs page.

A Colleton Beef BBQ Experience Box contains:

  • A selection of premium steaks:- either rump, ribeye, sirloin or fillet, or some combination, at least 1kg
  • Minute steaks:- cut from some of the best joints, these steaks are great to marinade and grill inside, or flash grill on the BBQ outside, around 1.5kg
  • Minced Beef for making burgers, spaghetti bolognese, and lots of other yummy recipes, around 3.5kg
  • 6kg of meat in total
  • Priced at £80, including delivery within UK

A standard box contains:

  • Fillet & rump steaks
  • Sirloin, topside, silverside & rib for roasting
  • Brisket, forequarter & ‘roasting joint’ for pot roasts
  • Mince, skirt, shank, braising & stewing steak
  • Around 25-30kg of meat in total
  • Priced at around £250, depending on final weight

A BBQ box contains:

  • Fillet, rump, sirloin, topside, silverside & rib steaks
  • Forequarter ‘minute’ steaks
  • Minced beef
  • Around 20-25kg of meat in total
  • Priced at around £230, depending on final weight